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All three styles of Menorah are the same price and come with a bag of handdipped candles and a can of stickywax.

Floral... one integral piece

Klezbear... solid base/track & five bears

Village... base with seperate track & shamus


Floral menorah, iris, calla lily, tulip

It was around 1980 that my mother asked me to make her a hanukah menorah. I made a series of them , each very different. It was an exciting opportunity to explore sculptural forms and our Jewish practices. But seeing my mother’s delight in these menorahs is what hooked me on making Judaica a part of my pottery. Since that time I have developed an extensive line of objects for home rituals, holidays, and life cycle events. Most of them are elegant and evoke a bygone era. Some, like my “Klezbear Hanukiah” are full of whimsey. My goal is to create pieces that will become beloved heirlooms as each family creates their own history and rituals around them.



Floral Menorah

"Klezbear" Menorah

Klezbear Menorah

Vilage Menorah

Village Menorah


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