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Miriam's Cups & Goblets

Miriam's Cup

Miriam's Goblet




Miriam's Cup, front

Miriam'S Cup

Miriam , the prophet, took timbrels in her hand and led the women down to the sea. There they danced and sang “Shiru L’adonai" a song of thanks for this day of liberation .


Miriam was Moses’ sister. She was a charismatic leader. Her element was water. It was she who floated Moses in a basket in the river where Pharaohs daughter found him.

Later, when the Israelites were wondering in the desert, she always seemed to have access to the waters from the living well that God created at the beginning of time. Until her death , the Israelites were never thirsty.

And so we celebrate Miriam with a goblet of water- the purest we can find.



Here is a ritual you may wish to incorporate into your Passover Seder. Give everyone a cup half full of spring water. and fill the Miriam’s cup half full of the same. Say, “ These waters are healing waters from Miriam’s well, the well of living waters. If you are in need of healing , take some from the Miriam’s cup and put it into your cup. If you have healing to give, pour some of your water into the Miriam’s cup. “

Miriam's Cup, back
2 Miriam's Goblets

Pass the Miriam’s cup around so this sharing of water can happen. Don’t be surprised if folks both give and take water. After everyone has shared you may all drink your water.

Miriam's Goblets can be substituted in seder sets for Elijah's goblets.


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