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Tom Allen

Side show of images Maine 1st district congressmanTom Allen, who is challenging for senator Susan Collins seat in the fall.

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Dr. Stephen Brier, executive director, of the Little Dolphin Schools, in Scarboro & Westbrook has a problem. Like small businesses everywhere he is struggling to provide health care for his staff. Maine's 1st district congressman Tom Allen thinks he has the answer. A medieval knight trying to slay the dragon of rising costs and the uninsured in this country's health conundrum, congressman Allen today proposed his UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE PLAN. Saying" my plan will relieve the strain on families and individuals, ease the burden on businesses and drive down costs." It would build on the strengths of the existing system, offer new choices and health care security. Barnstorming the state from Kittery to Bangor with six stops in five cities and towns over two days the congressman continues a theme that started in his first term in Washington.

Congressman Tom Allen an Dr. Stephan Brier during a press conference at the Little Dolphin School, in Westbrook on 5.28.08

Tom Allen talks to a group of 50 women about his plans for health care, energy independence and his very big differences with Senator Susan Collins on a fall sunday afternoon in Portland. // 8.10.2008

Congressman Tom Allen mingles with the crowd at Verillos for a Labor Day Union breakfast, before making his case for support ing him in the Maine senate race. In questions labor members had plenty to say about the "Soprano" ads running on both radio and television, trying to link both congressman Allen & organized Labor to organized crime. // 9.1.2008

Tom Allen had a busy monday visiting seniors at three different locations in the Portland area. Taking questions and pointing out his areas of disagreement with Senator Collins, he spent 45 minutes at each location and also gave an short interview with Martha Moore of USA Today before leaving for work in Washington. // 9.15.2008