toby rosenberg

A little Lite News

Again this spring I was asked to create the "Lupine Award Platters" given by the Maine Library Association for excellence in childrens books. I especially enjoyed hearing back from some of the authors who recieived them: to learn more about the Lupine Award go to

I decided to teach pottery at my local Jewish day camp for two weeks this summer. I am focusing on sawdust firings, which are very different from my usual work. I find the primitive process exciting and working with the young people energizing.

Following last falls opening of The Inspired Hand3, at the University of Southern Maine/Lewiston Auburn, Atrium Art Gallery an exhibition of members of the Maine Crafts Association which was a great success and where I showed a piece from my new line of work: (The piece, titled Romaine is pictured here...) I am working on toward another show at the same gallery called "Portals" which will feature artists whose work is informed by spirituality.

Next time your in your local book store check out Lark Books 500 Pitchers. Contemporary expressions of a classic form, in which you can see, on page 172 one of Toby's Calla Lily pint pitchers. Next time your in a book store check out the crafts section for a look at what potters are doing today!