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Seder Plates & Sets

Seder Plate, 14"- non footed

Seder Sets, include 14" footed seder plate, six ceremonial food dishes & an Elijah's cup or Miriam's goblet





Seder Plate, Spring Garden
8 Piece Seder set, Spring Garden
8 Piece Seder set, Fruit

I build these unique seder sets entirely by hand from stoneware clay. Starting with an evenly rolled slab, I emboss the surface of the wet clay with antique cut work table linens. After embossing the clay, the plate shape is cut out and draped over a form to produce the undulating lip. I add a foot of individual leaves and do any decorating on this under surface. When the plate is thoroughly dry, it is bisque fired to 1800o F, in an electric kiln. When it comes out it will be ready for glazing. First it is totally immersed in a bath of white stoneware glaze, then brushed with colored glazes bringing the design to life. Back in the kiln it is fired to 2307o F. This produces a beautiful, strong, food safe satin surface. Lastly, I apply the delicate details and inscriptions to the surface, using 22K gold fired to 1300 degrees F, (the same as gold on fine china.)




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