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Portrait Cake Toppers offer a fresh take on the Wedding Cake Topper.

Each is a unique clay sculpture approximately 7-8 inches high. Toby's couples are dancing because "Marriage is a dance... sometimes you glide gracefully together across the floor, sometimes you step on each others toes." These charming sculptures make great anniversary gifts! They can capture quirks and character of couples who have danced together for years. The couple can be attired in anything... favorite clothes to extravagant glad rags (fancy magazine photos come in handy for this).

Three Wedding Cake Toppers

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Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers are made as portraits capturing the salient characteristics of the couple. SEND PHOTOS, information on the attire, the names to appear on the pedestal. Allow at least 8 weeks for your cake topper to get to you. (and remember if you don't want your cake maker to go a little crazy, try to get it to him/her a few days in advance.)

Staring at $175

Portrait Wedding Cake TopperPortrait Wedding Cake TopperPortrait Wedding Cake Topper
Portrait Wedding Cake TopperPortrait Wedding Cake Topper
Portrait Wedding Cake TopperPortrait Wedding Cake TopperPregnant Lady Belle

Pregnant Lady Belles are made to order with appropriate hair length & color. Infant clapper is suspended inside. $60.


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Wedding Cake Toppers

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